Mental Health & Custody

Mental Health and Child Custody

Mama Bear of 4:

“Should my fiance have been kept away for mental health issues if nothing ever happened around his daughter? Bm thinks so”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“Are you saying that your SO had mental health issues and BM demanded that SD be removed from his care upon knowing, although nothing ever happened around the child?”

Mama Bear of 4:

“Yes. I’m sorry I hate talking about it but he’s attempted suicide several times then 2 years ago was diagnosed with ptsd, anxiety, bipolar and just a slew of mental health issues. Nothing ever happened around his daughter. We got her every other weekend for 2 years and every time he felt out of sorts he made sure not to get her and now bm is using all that as an excuse not to let him see her. She says if we get her we are putting her in danger now. The only reason why we were even honest with her about it is so she didn’t think we were walking out of her life for nothing. Sooo much has happened in the past 4 years but he’d never hurt someone else. He hurts himself every time but in the past year he has gotten his GED. He has a wonderful career working with mentally disabled adults. He’s getting his life back in order but now we are a danger. Supposedly”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“You are not alone, and I’ll make a post for you ๐Ÿ’•”

“People struggle with mental health issues, and unfortunately this situation is incredibly common. So common that DH and I have gone through it with his HCBM…and still are. Make sure that you have testimony from his mental health professionals that he is stable and actively seeking treatment or going to appointments and doing everything he is supposed to do, and make sure he is taking care of himself. Do not let BM’S allegations and preconceived notions get you and DH off track. Continue having a relationship with SD and have her as often as you can. Make sure DH and you are both taking time to mentally step away from this situation when it gets overwhelming. Do not allow it to consume you. Always here for you!”

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