Attire & Clothing

Differences in households

Mama Cares:

“What’s your stance… BM sends child to visits wearing school uniforms (which must be laundered & returned to BM) or clothes that are way too small. At the end of the visit, we send child to BM’s home with the clothes she wore over in a bag and she is wearing clothes that we’ve purchased. Often times, we do not ever see those clothes again. It’s not always possible for the child to wear the clothes back to BM’s (Ex: weather change, small clothes no longer fit, etc.). We have asked BM to return the clothes and are met with resistance and accusations of stressing the child out about clothing. Also, we don’t always receive all of the clothes that were sent over. BM is receiving child support to assist in the purchase of clothing but dad often buys additional clothes meant to go to BM’s home so the child doesn’t go without.”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“Honestly, I’d ask for the clothes back that go to her house. When we had the same issue we just communicated to both the child and the other parent that our clothes need to come back just the same as they go back to the other house. It does get complicated with weather changes and when there’s inappropriate attire worn. That’s just something that I would communicate with BM, or have DH do it ;)”

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