“I’m not alone”

“Reading your posts reminds me that I’m not alone!”

Mrs. F:

“I am so happy that I found your IG! It is truly helping me focus on simply being a better me! I have 3 BIO children and 1 SD. My DH is an awesome parent. Oddly enough, I thought that I’d have to deal with BM more…instead it’s my DH’s narc mother creating the biggest issues. Your posts help try and keep it together. Things came to a head when I stood my ground. Since then, all hell has broken loose. Reading your posts remind me that I’m not alone! Thank you! Keep encouraging and I hope that you too are encouraged!”

Mama Bear:

Thank you so much for reaching out. This is exactly why I keep this page running. It is super therapeutic for sure, and it’s empowering knowing it’s helping others. I’m so sorry you’re in the position you’re in.”

Your Post is Up!

Stepmamas in need of encouragement and solace! How many can relate? We used to have big issues with BM’S mom stirring things up and encouraging her daughter’s bad behavior, esp in alienating and cutting contact. The best option would be to have DH approach this topic, that the grandmother needs to stay out of it. Worst case senerio I’d get a restraining order. She shouldn’t be involved in what goes on between DH and your SD’S situation.

I created a post for you anonymously for the community and posted my reply on the caption 💕 Hope things improve for you dear heart! Always here if you need to chat!

Mrs. F:

“Greaaat!!! I am not alone!! Thank you!!!”

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