A Case of the Narcissistic Father

Mrs. Mama Bear:

“Need some advice. My sons father is narcissistic… probably sociopath as well. He met his current wife just over a year ago. He did to her what he did to me…got her pregnant right away, she quit her job, they got married (we never did). He’s brainwashed her into thinking I’m some evil horrible person who doesn’t spend time with my son when he’s home with me and that I’m abusive and crazy and all that… however, I’m none of the above and every second I can spend with our son I do, and I’m incredibly grateful for her. She’s the only one bringing some calm when my son is with his father. My daughter and I lived through his abuse. I’ve only met her once for about 10 seconds, but what I’ve heard about her is nothing but great things. How can I show her how thankful I am for her? My sons father won’t let me talk to her in person, phone, Facebook, etc.”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

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