“Sunday’s are dreadful”

Mama L:

“Sundays are dreadful. I travel 3 hours to take my daughter back to her dads. He had full custody of her. Currently only getting her every other weekend. As i moved away from him to get away from his toxic family and him. Went to court and he got our daughter.. she has been sick for over a month now and is always constipated. Very stressful right now. She is a mamas girl and this has been hard on her and me. She is only 4 years old, It’s so hard. I am working on getting a lawyer tho to try and turn it around since her health has declined. Going to take a while tho but hoping it will all be for good”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

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“Please support and encourage this mama! – I would encourage phone calls and I’d write her in a journal so that she knows you are thinking of her all the time. Send the letters if you thing BD will allow them, otherwise I would keep reaching out, keep letting her know mama is always here, just a phone call away. I can’t imagine how hard it must be going from what your schedule was before to only seeing her every other weekend. I can understand the wanting to move away. We’ve thought of it many times ourselves but couldn’t do it. Stay strong mama, I hope your heart hurts less. We hate Sundays too because we have to go through the depression of going back for 10 days before she sees or hears from us again. We are completely alienated when we don’t have her. You are not alone, sadly.”

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