Creating an Advice Column

Mama A:

“Hello! I’d like to make an anonymous post and ask the community for help if that’s alright. But this is my first time asking for support and I am not quite sure how it works.”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

Welcome! Basically just let me know your situation or you can type out what you’d like to ask the community and I will create a post for you 🙂 Along with your post I will add advice in the caption! You can send to instagram or via message on WordPress 🙂

Would you care to write a little bit about you and your family? I’d love to do a piece about your experience as a stepmom, mom, dad, stepdad or child! How this role has affected your relationships, and how you have had to accommodate. If you care to share some of your most challenging situations, how you coped and overcame, I’ll remove all identifying information and create a post just for you!

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