Agreeing to Disagree – Appreciating Stepfathers

Not every piece of feedback is positive, but every piece is necessary and relevant!

Mr. Anonymous:

“I’m sorry but not all step-dads stepped up. Sometimes, they pushed dad out.”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“I’m sorry if you got the impression that all stepdads step up. That wasn’t my intention. But if we are giving love and support to step mothers who step up, we should be giving it to the step dads that do as well. None of my posts are indicative of the implication that what are on them are a “one size fits all”…Having said that. I have a husband who has stepped up, and a stepfather that has pushed my husband out of his daughter’s life. We are currently going through a brutal custody case in which HCBM is alienating my husband and encouraging the relationship with the stepdad. I’m aware of both sides. I also lived through it as a child myself. It’s terrible, and I’m sorry if it hit a nerve, but as stated before, this post was for the dad’s that genuinely stand up. The step dads that deserve recognition to.”

Mr. Anonymous:

“I’ve removed my comments & unfollowed your page. We seem to just have different views on what’s best for the kids & co-parenting looks like. Best of luck to you!”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“I would say we do have different views, however what made the comments continue was that there, I feel, was a lack of guidance and more judgement. That’s not what these posts are for. It’s hard to see where everyone is coming from esp when each person deals with something differently. I’m sorry you felt the need to leave the page. Everyone’s situation is different. And when people reach out they’re often at their ropes end. Being at that point may not make the words come out right and people get frustrated. Dealing with co-parents is no easy feat. Best of luck to you.”

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