A Case of the Flying Monkeys

“The Monkeys caught Dorothy in their arms and flew away with her.”

Mrs. Anonymous:

“It’s amazing how destructive bio mums can be! Me and my partner have been together for over 2 years now and we’re expecting our first child together in January.

She’s been vile since day 1, abusive, manipulative and basically being a stalker now. She hacked my Instagram and my partners to private msg other people to make it look like we were cheating. Who does things like that?”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“Woah! That’s worthy of a restraining order! Congratulations on the baby! Anyone can get a restraining order. Protection orders are harder to get.”

More on the term “Flying Monkeys”

“The term ‘flying monkeys’ is another way of saying ‘abuse by proxy’ or having someone else do the bidding of in this case a narcissist. The term flying monkey was coined after the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz that were under the spell of the Wicked Witch of the East, to do her bidding against Dorothy and her friends.

This common narcissistic tactic uses friends and family of the victim to spy on them, spread gossip while painting the narcissist as the victim and their target as the perpetrator. Flying monkeys can be your friends, family, coworkers or the narcissist’s friends, family, or coworkers before you got there. To maintain the illusion of the power they have over you, the narcissist will employ the use of third parties, through which they will attempt to continue control and manipulate you,” (Narcissistic Abuse Support, n.d.)

To read more about Narcissistic abuse and the use of “Flying Monkeys” visit this super helpful article: https://narcissistabusesupport.com/red-flags/use-flying-monkeys/

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