Stepparent’s form bonds just as unbreakable as any other parent’s bond with the child

Mama of 4:

“Speaking as SM for a moment (I play many roles) BM keeps messaging me and commenting saying I’m seeking attention for posting about missing my SD as we have to take BM back to court for the 4th time. Can you make a picture about how ridiculous that sounds? That we are allowed to miss her when BM acts as though she’s found another reason why SD should be kept away. This all sucks so bad! She’s obviously putting things in SD head because now she’s supposedly scared of her dad according to BM but I have a million pictures through out two years that prove otherwise.

Also I see you have been through so much so I’d like to ask your advice. I told my fiance when he takes BM to court he needs to request SD be in therapy for everyone’s sake. She’s being brainwashed but also in the end she won’t have anything bad to say about him other then whatever BM is saying. I don’t know how a judge will feel about him requesting that though and do you think that’d be bad in the long run because BM could brainwash her some other way? I’m nervous and just not sure what to say or do and thinking into things a lot. BM is so unpredictable it’s got my anxiety through the roof. They haven’t been together in 8 years. Him and I have been together for 4 and now all of a sudden a couple weeks ago she’s telling me he used to physically abuse her and I’m lucky he doesn’t do that to me. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ I was in a domestic relationship before this one. I know how abusive relationship works. 4 years he’s never laid a hand on me.

Just anything to play the victim and make him out to be a horrible person, mind you we have 3 boys together. Our oldest is 3. He is a wonderful dad!! He’s not so great with newborns (most of the men in my family are that way, it doesn’t bother me) but him and our toddler are best friends! Him and his daughter were best friends. She’s killing us. He hates court over and over and over and we both miss her and court costs and everything makes us bicker lately. Maybe you could make a picture about that? Letting people know court costs for dads sucks but to look into his daughter’s eyes again will be worth it! To be able to hug her and tell her he loves her. It’s truly the little things you miss the most. Maybe just a picture to encourage him that all this will be worth it, again… and again and again.”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“I’m so sorry you’re going through so much. We have a very similar situation. It’s so taxing on the relationship all the court stuff going on. Plus not being able to see her. Also, therapy is never a bad option. It also shows that you are taking preventative measures and hopefully a PhD will be able to see through the abuse and manipulation. She (the PhD) is valuable in a case where you think there’s manipulation. That and a therapist. It would never look bad that you’re seeking mental health care for your child.”

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