A Success Story!

…every now and then, there’s a success story!

Mama Anna:

“I just wanna share an anonymous success story to give some step mama’s some hope! BM and I have been having a hard time seeing eye to eye on things lately, and that’s putting things nicely lol. For the first time we were able to come together and spend Halloween with my SS as a unit. AND IT WAS ACTUALLY AWESOME. We all laughed, had small talk and truly just enjoyed each other’s company. For any mamas dealing with a difficult BM, just stay true to yourself and to your intentions and continue to put nothing but positive vibes towards the situation. you will receive a positive outcome!!! I know sometimes it’s so hard but if you set expectations for your relationship with BM you more than likely will be disappointed. Go into things with out expectations so if things go good you will be pleasantly surprised, and if they go bad well there’s always next time.”

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