Internet Slander & Stalking

When resentful parents result to the internet

Mama L:

“Asking for advice: my husband has an 11 y/o. Unfortunately he was out of the picture for about 8 years bc of mom bullying him using the courts. In 2018 he was able to visit with her and he’s jumped through all the hurdles from going to therapy to getting monitored visits. Last week he went back to court to remove the monitor and bio mom was upset immediately crying after court. Now I come to find out that she is looking into me by checking not just social media but LinkedIn. I sent her a polite message about why she was on my page and she completely took it the wrong way. Posted the screenshots of my two responses to her on TalkingParents and trying to tell my husband I was wrong. My husband responded & her whole idea is she is justified to stalk me because I will be attending said visits and that I should be grateful for her learning about me. I don’t know what to do. I feel completely violated. I have a LinkedIn because I’m a paralegal looking for work. Any advice would help. Thanks!”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“Wow, that’s crazy. I’ve been there! You are completely justified in feeling the way you do. I’d feel the same way, and have. First off, she’s looking into you, you’ve got nothing to hide, your profile will only make her jealous and nervous. Let her be. Hope that DH takes corrective actions when needed. Also block her everywhere you can find her.”

Mama L:

“I did block her. It’s just insane that she told my husband on TP that I should be grateful she’s looking into me and if I am a good person that it shouldn’t bother me. Just nonsense.”

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