Divorce Lingo

Divorce, New Relationships, and all the complications that come with it

Mama P:

“Hi! I just found your page and I have to say all of your quotes and posts are very inspiring. Do you think you have a few moments to read my story and give me some advice? I’m struggling a bit with my situation and maneuvering as a future step mother. My boyfriend and I started dating while him and ex wife were separated. She had a new relationship so we tried to set up a plan so that we could all move on for the kids. But then that completely changed once their divorce was final. She got sole custody since we live in a different state because of military and her new husband was also military. Everything changed after she moved and now her new marriage is also over. She started to send me harassing messages and posting about me on websites like Cheatersrus. She told me how she wishes I was barren and that I would be a terrible mother just because I refused to get in the middle of the custody order. I respect her issues to not allow me around the children but she says that the only way I will be around the children is if I apologize to her. She also wants my number so that if my boyfriend does something that upsets her that she can contact me and get in between it. Do I have to open myself up to that communication and abuse? Or will it get better with time?”

Mama Bear Blended Family Support:

“Hell no you don’t and if you’re ever called into court you can maintain that you’ve kept your distance from her erratic behavior! Keep doing what you’re doing love! Stay out of it because it can get ugly for you if you’re involved!

Mama P:

I know it’s such a hard situation, thank you so much! I just want to make sure that I am right in thinking that I don’t have to take it just because I know she’s going to be a part of our lives!

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