20 Words Of Affirmation Your Child Needs To Hear

We love our children, and we think that they know this. They should, we do everything for them! But never forget the power of verbal affirmations.

We will never have this much time to pause, reflect, and make the changes we need to in our relationships, ever again… baring another pandemic and social movement. This list of 20 affirmations and its importance in every day communication can change your relationship with your child, build self-esteem and encourage them to see themselves as you do, with love.

20 words of affirmation your child needs to hear:

  1. I think you are fantastic!

It’s important for your child to know that they are more than ordinary in your eyes. This affirmation helps build a sense of self that can be referred back to when things get discouraging.

2. You did a great job!

Recognizing the quality of work that your child has done helps them gauge expectations for quality of work that’s to be expected and helps them take pride in what they’re doing!

3. You make me smile.

Letting your child know that they are a reason you are happy, a reason you smile is so important. Especially when we can get bogged down with everyday situations that make us frustrated or irritable. It’s important to remind them that they are one of our reasons.

4. Thanks for being such a hard worker.

Recognize the effort put forth into each project or situation. Our children need to know that we see them and how hard they’re working, regardless of the finished product.

5. You are a great example.

Take the focus off and adjust, letting your child know that they are a good example instills in them self-esteem and acceptance in who they are as a whole, compared to peers. Knowing this about themselves is integral to their self-image and understanding. It also tells them that you approve of who they are.

6. I was just telling mom/dad how proud I am of you.

Your child should know how you speak about them, especially when you are saying positive things! This builds a sense of trust in your relationship like none other. It also helps them understand what of a person they are in others’ eyes.

7. You did that so well!

Assessment and accolades! There’s a such thing as overthinking, creating an elaborate plan, and not being able to carry it out the way that one intended. Congratulate and recognize when your child does well on something! Positive reinforcement is the best reinforcement. Feeling like people notice the effort you put into things is so fulfilling. We often hear critical assessments, and neglect to share positive opinions. It matters.

8. Good thinking!

It’s about more than just getting something done, recognizing good thought patterns and ideas goes a long way in building good self-esteem. Show and tell your child just how much their thoughts, ideas and opinions matter to you. They need to hear it out loud too!

9. You give the best hugs.

Some people are huggers, others aren’t. Hug your children. Hold them, be affectionate. They yearn for this to happen. Physical affection plays a huge role in a healthy parent-child relationship. Rub their back, play with their hair, kiss their forehead. Let them know that you love everything that makes them them, because there’s no one else like them on earth.

10. You are so brave!

Recognize the risks that your child takes, they need to know that you see them and their effort during complex situations that may make them uncomfortable. Let them know just how much you see and appreciate them and the situations they are dealing with.

11. That was a really kind thing to do.

Let your children know that you see their intentions and kindness displayed toward others. This instills a sense of self compared to environment and communicates just how visible their feelings and true intentions are to others. It’s important that your children know that others see them and their efforts in kindness, not just their failures or mistakes.

12. You are a great person.

Recognize the kind of person that your child is, they are their own unique individual. Negative self assessments can come out over the smallest of things. Remind them that despite their flaws, they are a great person. They need to hear this.

13. You are the kind of friend I wanted when I was your age.

This puts everything into perspective. It reminds your child that you used to be their age, and that you remember what it was like. You are here to help, and you recognize just how good of a person that they are. Others are lucky to have them in their lives.

14. I appreciate you so much.

Make sure that your child knows that you appreciate them. Hearing that someone appreciates you is one of the most heart-warming things one could hear.

15. You make me laugh!

Verbalizing that your child makes you smile and laugh communicates that you enjoy being around them, they are funny, and they are fun to interact with.

16. What a great idea!

Recognize your child’s unique ideas and imagination. Tell them their ideas are great communicates that their ideas are worthy of being contributed and encourages them to share their thoughts.

17. I love when you are around.

Of all the affirmations you could give your child, this one is one of the most important. Let them know that you love their presence, you don’t need to be doing anything together, you just enjoy them being around. That time together is time well spent.

18. I am really proud of you.

Remind your child that you are proud of the person that they are and all that they are doing/going through. This lets them know that you see them and you appreciate all that they go through. They matter.

19. You have a big heart.

This lets your child know that you recognize their thoughts, feelings, intentions, compassion and empathy. It matters. Regardless of the situation, you see them, and you appreciate them.

20. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Tell your child out loud that you believe in them, this lets them know that you see their unlimited potential. Encouraging their dreams and ambitions ultimately result in positive outcomes.

In closing

Your child will always benefit from positive affirmations and encouragement. Communicating these positive affirmations will strengthen your bond and let your child know just how much you see them, appreciate them, and recognize them for exactly who they are. Let them know exactly how you see them.

These positive affirmations will guaranteed positively change your relationship and the communication between you and your children almost immediately. Have you used one or more of these affirmations with your children or loved ones? How has it affected your relationships? Leave a comment below, I’d love to continue the conversation!

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