Quote Of The Day #1

I used to have a rolling quote of the day, and it has been successful in nearly all it’s days, at engaging the reader and follower. So today I’ll start it up again, in hopes of it reaching a few that need those daily reminders! As always, please feel free to reach out and message the page your favorite quote and get the chance to have it featured in the next day’s QOTD!

Without further adieu,


“Be the person you needed when you were younger.”


It’s so important to reflect back to when you were younger. How did it feel to interact with other children, what were your fears and struggles? How did it feel to interact with adults? What were your strengths and weaknesses?

Taking yourself back to when you were your children’s age is hard but necessary to do. We must not let adulthood taint the minds of our young ones constantly. With our advice and our instructions, we slowly train our little ones to become like “mini-me’s” and forget that they are their own individuals. Children have strengths and struggles just like any adult does, but when they are growing up, every interaction is reflectant on what we say to them in times of trial and error. Making sure that they understand themselves and the way that you see them positively is adamant to personality growth, self-esteem and confidence.

Health Line

When you interact with children (in general, whether it be with your own or someone else’s) you must always remember that what you are saying and how you are reacting are being analyzed by a child’s mind, categorized, and memorized. What happens and what you say may be repeated to and processed by an adult at some point. It may be referenced multiple times by the child, when they think about you and what you’re talking about. Your action/ reaction/ words/ efforts, can have a lasting effect on the child in your life.

Put yourself in the child’s shoes and run everything by the “kid version” of yourself before you say it. Would what you are saying or doing offend you if it was being said or done to you by a trusted adult? Pay mind to how your reaction/lack thereof will be interpreted by the other party, a child who loves you.

Be the adult you wanted as an influence when you were younger. Be fun and easy going, trustworthy but creative and adventurous. Listen before you talk, and know when to skip the advice and just share your experiences. Encourage them to learn and grow constantly, never to get bogged down with another individual’s opinions about “who you are” because who you are can change throughout your life.


Don’t let life’s stressors bog you down. Remember that little eyes are always watching you, and how you deal with things (especially when you think no one is looking.) Practice self-restraint and cut out the negative responses you give to things which are unfortunate. Pay more attention to what you can do to change things, or at least the way you deal with them. Young eyes see this as security and confidence.

Little Guide Detroit

Take a Break

Step away from the mundane and break out into new spaces. Put on weather appropriate attire and explore the natural spaces near you. Getting out into the open and away from electronics will give you and yours a much needed breath of fresh air.

Outside Magazine

Create 1 on 1 time

Make time for one on one time. Go to the book store and buy a new and exciting book that you and your child will read together. Take the time to make the entire process of picking out and reading the book together special. No matter your child’s age, they will enjoy the time you take away to do something together.


If you’re being the best you, you will automatically be the best for everyone around you. Because healthy looks happy. And happy is always good.

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