Quote Of The Day #2 – On Change

Today we reflect on choice. When you embrace the idea that when you don’t change you are choosing to stay where you are, doors open for you.

Growth can be uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean that you should stay comfortable if that means that you have grown stagnant. I can only say this one way… If you wish and hope for success but don’t put the time and effort into be consistently working towards eventually achieving them, then you will still grow… you will just grow very unhappy.

This can be applied to nearly every situation in life… whether it be in relationships with stepchildren, children, our significant other, family, friends, your career, your education… I could go on.

Do not stand in your own way. Don’t be the reason that you look back and then regret and grow discontent what you haven’t yet accomplished in life. Get out of your own way and make the changes that you need to get to where you want to go.

Chase them dreams down darling… every single one of them… do it for you.

Also, your children are watching ❤

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