Be kind

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Be good to people for no reason.

There’s a difference between boundaries and expectations. Know when you’re needed. Sometimes just being kind and going out of your way for the other person is what is really needed.

That may mean you need to sacrifice. It may mean that what you do won’t necessarily end up in thanks or being paid forward.

Sometimes being kind is worth more than what we get out of doing for someone else. Don’t worry about what you’ll get out of it all the time. Just be kind, for no reason.

It’s when we do these kind things for others, especially in difficult situations, that we forge bonds that last.

As a stepmom, you’re probably used to not getting thanks for what you do, but you do it all anyway, right?

Choosing to be kind eliminates stress, and helps you break patterns of resentment and hostility.

I challenge you to break the habit of having expectations. Do things because you care, because you are awesome, because you want to see someone smile, or because it makes YOU happy.

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