Quote Of The Day #3 – Be The Example

Today we talk about our children, and the messages that we send through our relationship with our significant other. Have you ever noticed that when things are going good, your children are happier? That’s because they’re watching you, taking in the positive vibes that you are giving off. When you’re going through difficult times in life or with your significant other, your children also take in those vibes and notice the subtle differences.

One of the most important things that we must do is to make our relationship with our significant other, especially our stepchildren’s and children’s parents, healthy happy and successful.

“Showing a step child that love can happen in a home has been critical in my new relationship.”

-Follower on Instagram Community @mamabearblendedfamilysupport

As a stepparent, and parent, it’s essential that our children see that our relationship is steady and consistent. Even more so that they see that as parents we continually work on things, seek to understand things, forgive, and try again. Watching parents perform these important tasks in a relationship teaches children what is necessary for a healthy, functional relationship. It teaches them that their parents are solid and work together to make things work.

It’s important to mention that some children don’t have good examples of healthy relationships or functional communication between couples… so being the example for your children could be life changing… it may be the only example that they are able to see before being in a relationship of their own.

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