Containing The Storm – Sheltering Children From The Effects of Co-parenting Conflict

Coparenting Tip:

Never let your storm get your kids wet.

It goes without saying that Coparenting and parenting struggles affect our children… whether we intend for them to or not… We may be doing everything we can to insure that issues don’t have impact on the kids, but they do.

Your tone of voice, your body language, your stress, your tears, worries and anxiety are all cataloged and critiqued by your children. They worry, they care, they love you. They are emotionally aware of your state of mind and seek to understand it.

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That’s why it’s so important to keep adult things adult. More importantly, attempt to prevent any changes in visitation and normalcy for them while you are going through issues. Keep the kids out of the middle! Their tiny broken souls are hard to mend and we can prevent them needing to be by taking responsibility for our adult issues and maintaining normalcy with those they love and depend on in the mean time.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** We cannot insure that the other parents will do the same, but we can strongly encourage it. More importantly, being responsible for our own behavior is key. We are not the other parent’s parent and we cannot control how they perceive or deal with things… but we can insure our children at least have one parent sheltering them from the storm – and the relationship between you and your child will surely reap the benefits!

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