My 6 Year Old Valentine

Gifts our kids make us 🦕💜 are always more valuable than things we can wear on our fingers 💍 and around our necks. 💎

This Valentine’s Day I helped my son design a necklace he and I made together and I will wear it all week! It’s been priceless seeing him enjoy me wearing it. His face lit up this morning when I showed him I hadn’t taken it off ♥️🥰. The cards he made in school for me are going in the memory box when I’m done enjoying them for a while.

I absolutely love jewelry, but these handmade gifts are the things that happen only when they’re young and usually aren’t made to last forever.

This is one of the main reasons I love crafting and jewelry making with my children. They’re so talented and creative I’d you give them materials and let them use their imaginations.
❓Did you get handmade valentines from your loved ones❓
Photo Credit 📸: @thesouthernishmama

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