For The Struggling Mom

⭐️I see you ⭐️ I recognize you ⭐️ I’m here for you! ⭐️ I know there are a lot of parents out there that are struggling. I talked to a mama this morning who is really struggling right now with child custody and visitation issues. She’s going through bouts of slanderous aggression from her ex and is trying hard to keep it all together.
I got feedback that the page wasn’t as relatable for those struggling with Coparenting at the moment, so I’m going to start adding some more difficult Coparenting posts to help out this audience. I love recommendations so reach out and give me some tips about what you’d like to see specifically!
We all go through it and we all struggle from time to time. This page is all about community, so let’s be here for one another!
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Comment, or DM if you’re interested in an anonymous advice post in the community or myself! Share your story and support others in the comments!

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