Co-Parenting Tip

Dedicate a notebook, folder, or book to containing all your documentation. Why? Because it can be submitted as evidence!

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Step 1) Make sure your court order and parenting plan leave no room for interpretation. Put everything in black and white. This helps avoid future disagreements.

Step 2) Follow the parenting plan and court order to the ‘T’.

Step 3) Maintain proper documentation of everything not going according to plan.

Step 4) Start therapy/ Counseling. Address your struggles and ensure your issues are heard by your therapist. Learn about new methods to try and coping strategies to use during this stressful time. Maintain your mental health. Mental Health Professionals can testify in your behalf!

Step 5) Hold people accountable. Attempt meditation, if parties don’t agree or mediation isn’t successful, contact or obtain an attorney. They will assist in mediation between attorneys and ultimately are able to submit to the court that the Coparent not abiding by the court order, is in contempt.
Don’t lose hope and don’t falter from keeping good records!!!
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