These Things Will Destroy Any CoParenting Relationship


I thought it important to cover a few common things seen in co-parenting relationships that aren’t working effectively and efficiently.

Co-parenting means that the parenting responsibilities, burdens, struggles, successes, bonuses, and decisions are shared. Decisions are made collectively between two or more parents, and parents have chosen to work together to parent in the best interest of their children.

It all stops being fun and games when one or more people decide to take it upon themselves to play judge, jury, and executioner. Things get complicated, high conflict personalities flare, resentments resurface, and we’re back at ground zero.

If this sounds familiar, Parallel Parenting will work miracles better for you… and maybe you parallel parent for awhile until circumstances or situations change.

Rule #1 (and arguably the most important): Always remember, you are not locked into anything. If things aren’t working on paper, look into getting a modification of the parenting arrangement. Make sure you have rules for each situation you’re struggling with in black and white and court ordered. Then, if/when things go sideways, you can seek legal assistance in filing for contempt of the current court order.
((Insure you keep excellent documentation of events where things go awry))

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