New Politics – The Future Generation

What we say around these kids matters, they listen to everything we all say and watch everything we do. So much of what makes us who we are in our formative years is nurture… parents can prepare their children for the world by modeling open mindedness, objectivity, and moldable intelligences.

We must teach our children we are never too old to learn, to be proven wrong with new research, or outdated with our logics and beliefs. By doing so we teach them everyone is capable of change. That change is possible. Without that, where are we all headed in the grand scheme of things? After all, improvement and sustainability comes from change. We mustn’t be afraid of it.

Our youth are alive with thoughts and ideas of their own, and they are shaping a world less restrained by racism, sexism, prejudice and long long generational curses… Let us as parents decide to water their minds and watch free thought grow.

Let us be happy when they have big bold opinions that don’t align with ours necessarily. Let our children be free from the belief systems of their parents, because we shouldn’t be asking them to be more like us, but so much more of them.

Let us lift them up and empower them for standing out among the crow when they don’t agree with what’s being said or done, and may we do nothing but support them.. May our children be all they thought they could be and more. Let us not stand in the way.

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