Heather Leanne BBSc

Design Manager, Writer, Mentor, Advocate & Founder

Meet The Founder

Heather holds a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science from Bellevue University and is passionate about Community Outreach, Education, Advocacy, Mentoring & Mental Health. Heather Leanne started mentoring Stepmothers & Coparents on Instagram in 2018. Armed with a degree in Psychology, she works with and communicates to the masses on topics such as: Blended Families, High Conflict Parenting, Child Custody Issues, Modifications, and more!

Based out of Nebraska, USA, she writes and communicates with clients, couples, kids, and professionals worldwide!


Established in 2018.

Mama Bear Blended Family Support was established on Instagram in April of 2018, with its goal being to create a place for all things Blended Family. Since it’s beginning it has evolved from a place where parents can seek familial comfort from those struggling with CoParenting & Blended Family life, to a place where you can come to get new ideas, motivation, and education/ coaching/ advice on an array of different topics.


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