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Everything you post seems to be posted for me… 😳 😞 I am going through all this right now with an ex alienating our child. Anyway, THANK YOU for putting words on feelings I am most of the time not able to express myself.


“Thank you for your willingness to be a friend right now. I just don’t feel like I’m cut out for this right now. Could you tell me your story and why it doesn’t feel hopeless to you?”

Lost Mama

“Hi there! Thank you so much for your page, it’s helping me to grow and move forward like I never thought I could. I really mean that. It has inspired me to pick up books and educate myself on the shit storm that is being a stepparent.”

Mama B

“Just wanted to thank you for your page. I’m in a relationship over a year with a wonderful man who has a 10 year old son (love that kid) and with them comes a vitriolic, spiteful, controlling, sneering HCBM who dies her best to alienate his dad from him. It’s a bad situation. Pages like […]

Mama C

“From one bonus mama to another, we sometimes have the hardest job in the world. I just became one this year! Just wanna cheer you on & tell you, I’m in your corner & inspired by you! ♥️ Thank you! I am so happy a page like this exists! It’s so so encouraging. Tell me […]

Mama C

Just wanted to say love the page! It really gives you food for thought! Thank you for the positivity it’s one of the hardest things co parenting blending families ❤ x

Mama Daniella

“I am so happy that I found your IG! It is truly helping me focus on simply being a better me! Your posts help try and keep it together. Reading your posts remind me that I’m not alone! Thank you! Keep encouraging and I hope that you too are encouraged!”

Mama F

“Seriously. I read all of yours stories and see your posts and am in a constant state of head shaking.. thinking to myself, so. damn. true. It’s amazing to know others go through the same thing because I feel a sense of comradeship with these women I’ve never met and don’t feel so alone, but […]

Mama H

“You are doing great work spreading the word, I wish I knew you back when I was raising my bonus kids ❤ Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Mama K

“Thanks for your content! Spoke to me today.”

Mama K

“Thank you for speaking straight to my heart through your quotes. Your page has become a lighthouse in stormy weather 💕”

Mama M

Thank you!!! Your (Instagram) posts are so spot on with my situation. I’m following your blog. You are an inspiration.🤗

Mama S

“Your kindness and devotion to this community does not go unnoticed. Hope you are having a great day. I love your feed! I love the safety and empowerment and encouragement and authenticity!! I suffered alone for so many years because it’s impossible to explain to others and there was really no one to reach out […]

Mama T

“I love all the beautiful blendedness!”

Mama X

“I can not love your posts enough!! Great work!”

Mr. Anonymous

“Your messages are giving to us real motivation to not give up. And I wish you great success and happiness ❤️”

Papa Bear V

“Love your page. It’s nice to see a mother who understands co-parenting and respects a father’s role in a child’s life (as more than just financial support). Sadly, I have to fight for every minute with my daughter. Keep up the great work 😊”

Single Papa Bear